Desente (Shenzhen) sensor system engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to medium and high-end intelligent force measuring sensors, control instruments and system engineering control. The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service to provide customers with appropriate solutions and all-round services.

Dexent was founded in 2015, and its core team is composed of Shenzhen returnees and domestic excellent scientific and technological R & D, production quality control and marketing personnel. Adhering to the service principle of "technology wins the market and treats customers with integrity", the company is committed to establishing a high-end intelligent sensor brand, adhering to continuous innovation, and providing customers with high-performance and reliable sensor products and professional technical services.

The company has the R & D ability and large-scale production capacity of comprehensively applying optical, mechanical, electrical and computing technologies to sensor products. The main products are: micro force measuring sensor, non-contact high-speed dynamic torque sensor, six-dimensional force sensor, high-precision force measuring control instrument and supporting system, etc; With a number of patented technologies, the products are widely used in mobile phone testing, intelligent equipment, AGV, robot, intelligent transportation, Internet of things, industry 4.0, automobile, consumer electronics and other fields.

Desente will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to cooperating with you!

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